Occupational Health and Safety

SPA Mekanik Tesisat Ltd. Şti.


  • To comply with environmental legislation and regulations,
  • To ensure efficient and efficient use of energy, raw materials and natural resources,
  • To reduce the amount of waste and to recover it in order to prevent environmental risks,
  • To prevent air, water and soil pollution within the concept of continuous development,
  • To ensure the training of our employees in order to provide environmental awareness,
  • To communicate with all our employees, suppliers, customers and relevant legal authorities on environmental protection issues,
  • Our environmental policy is to increase our environmental performance by ensuring the effectiveness and sustainability of our Environmental Management System.


  • To comply with the legal regulations and regulations related to the OHS,
  • Preventing possible job accidents by adopting preventive approaches,
  • To provide a healthy and safe work environment for our employees,
  • To ensure the development of awareness of responsibility by organizing training programs that will provide our employees with a sense of their place and responsibilities in the OHS system,
  • Our OHS policy is to ensure the effectiveness and continuous improvement of our OHS system.


  • Designing constructions according to legal regulations and regulations,
  • To provide customer satisfaction by offering designs that match the demands and expectations of our customers,
  • To ensure that our building manufacturing activities are complete, complete and timely,
  • To provide necessary training for the knowledge, skills and equipment of our employees,
  • To create a team spirit by providing participation of all employees in the presentation of our services,
  • Our quality policy is to ensure the effectiveness and continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.